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The Madness Begins!



I know it’s only October and that bad word “Christmas” still seems a million miles away but, in reality, there are only nine more shopping Saturdays to go.  I say Saturdays because, as someone who works full time, I find that Saturday is the only day of the week I can really devote any time to shopping. 

So today I trotted into the City of Glasgow, more with heavy heart than enthusiasm. You see, as the years have gone on, I have found it more and more difficult to buy presents for the same people and continue to be original or unique.  For example, take my mum (not literally of course!) I have bought her purses, handbags, jumpers, perfumes, bubble baths, body lotions and all sorts of other cosmetics.  I’ve invested in necklaces, rings, bangles and watches. She’s had theatre tickets, Restaurant vouchers, helicopter rides and I’m sure I even sent her and my dad on holiday one year. This was before I had children you understand and actually had money!

So my dilemma is, what do you buy people for Christmas when you have been buying for them year after year after year? “Ask them what they want” I hear you say but then that takes the surprise element away and, at the end of the day, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

I generally have a stratgey for Christmas presents in that I decide on a theme and everyone gets that theme.  So, for example, I might decide that the theme for the men is toiletries and they all get some variation on that. For the women it might be leather and that covers handbags, purses, gloves etc.  This approach has stood me in good stead across the years.  However, this year I am just struggling because I feel I have already covered all the themes previously.

So, after all that babbling, did I actually buy anything?  Well the answer is yes. I bought 2 gents scarfs, a set of nail varnish, one of those big fleecy comfort blankets, a soup cup and saucer which has room for your bread and a glass bottle which has sweets at the bottom to which you add vodka and in 1 – 2 hours you have vodka shots. Who are the recipients of all these delectable delights? The answer, I haven’t a bloody clue! I will put them away in a cupboard and, as in previous years, probably keep half of them for my self.  However, hopefully I will add to them in the coming weeks in the hope that I eventually have something for everyone. They will all get a surprise on Christmas morning.  Whether it is the surprise they want, who knows but it won’t be for the lack of trying. Wish me luck!